Born (1944) in Galveston, Texas - (singer, songwriter, keyboardist) Barry White was a 3-time Grammy award winner whose records have, collectively, sold over 100 million copies, worldwide.

Active in the music business since 1960 - It was, apparently, Elvis Presley singing the song "It's Now or Never" that initially proved to be a musical inspiration for White.

This "All-Time Greatest Hits" CD contains 20 tracks in all which were exclusively written by White. They were recorded by him (along with accompanying musicians) in the years from 1973-1977.

(*Be sure to check out the "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" music-video*)

*Note* - In 2003 - Barry White (58 at the time) died in the hospital from a stroke which was attributed to having diabetes.

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