The Dragon Prince
The Dragon Prince A Chinese Beauty & the Beast Tale By Yep, Laurence Book - 1997

Beauty and the Beast tales are a common theme in many cultures. This one has its own variations, in that the Beauty is no mere dutiful daughter but a skilled artisan whose work is as lovely as she is. The Beast is a handsome prince in disguise—no surprise there. But he himself is put to the test when his wife becomes less than a beauty. This poses a question. Is the prince wrong for initially ignoring his wife’s change in looks? Does it show devotion that he accepts her even when she’s ugly or does it display a lack of fidelity to accept one woman over another? This factor raises this version above the usual tale since it gives the handsome prince more to do than merely suffer his own fate. Charming, beautifully illustrated in vivid color and realistic portraits, “The Dragon Prince” is a delight for the mind and eye.

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