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BeckyR21 added a title to their For later shelf Nov 04 2018
Retired schoolteacher Flossy O'Reilly has spent almost all of her eight decades in the seaside community of Great Village, Nova Scotia. It is now a quiet Maritime village: where relationships between friends and family move at the pace of the...
BeckyR21 made a comment Oct 20 2018
"I started to read this book because I believe it to be an important and timely book to read. That being said, I am not going to finish it. It is too much for me. It is beyond belief that such atrocities occur in this day and age. The strength to e..." Permalink
BeckyR21 made a comment Sep 19 2018
"Another fact is stranger than fiction kind of book. Tara Westover is amazing to have clawed her way out of such a childhood. It left me with an overall sense of sadness." Permalink
BeckyR21 rated a title Sep 19 2018
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BeckyR21 made a comment Sep 16 2018
"A pleasant, quick read. Great characters, not overly plot driven, but a satisfactory read. Sully is the best character, even though he is in a supporting role. It would be great to see more of his story in a future book." Permalink
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