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Apr 18, 2021cknightkc rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
I’m an unabashed fan of author Fredrik Backman and have read nearly all his books. But I must admit I wasn’t immediately captivated by ANXIOUS PEOPLE. It wasn’t until I was a third of the way into it that its charm took hold of me, and I was hooked. What begins as a seeming hodgepodge of complicated characters, isolated events, and a shifting timeline, all comes together in a very satisfying way at the end. The story is a thought-provoking mix of the serious and the absurd, the tragic and the comical, told as only Fredrik Backman can. Ultimately, ANXIOUS PEOPLE is about human connection and the impacts people can have on each other. I highly recommend it. PLEASE NOTE: If you aren’t familiar with Backman and his writing style, I join others in suggesting you NOT start with this book, but first try one of his other works, like A MAN CALLED OVE.